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1What is hackintosh ?
hackintosh is technique to install mac os in non apple hardware.
2Is it good choice to use hackintosh for development ?
Yes,of course. Hackintosh is the best option for i.t companies. this machine used for multipurpose like ios development, android development ,php development,web design.
3Is my windows or ubuntu based pc is supported ?
yes any intel based cpu is supported. you need specific graphic card for the mac os.
4Is it legal to use hackintosh ?
Well, Hackintosh is not illegal. apple never charge for mac os .it is free with apple hardware. and we are using that os with our technique to run on custom hardware.so don't worry about that.
5is it service of install mac os in virtual box or vmware ?
No ,we dont install mac os virtually. we provide service of original mac os installation on normal cpu . mac os run as a normal windows or ubuntu os and not in any virtual box or vm ware.
6Which is the best configuration for development use ?
Hackintos purly give performance as your hardware.
for ios development and design purpose this is the best budget level configuration for new cpu build.
1) i5-7400
2) H110 motherboard(any brand like gigabyte or asus)
3)8 Gb DDR4 Ram
4)120 or 240 Gb ssd (can also use hdd)
5)Nvidia GT 710 2Gb ddr5 graphics card (gigabyte,asus,zotac etc..)
You can alter configuration as per your need and budget.

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